Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here Comes the Rain Again...

This song always gets in my head when it pours like it has been the last two days - today is Saturday, so I actually got to sleep in (ie, lie in bed for an hour or two after waking up at the usual 5.30am) and listen to the rain. Soul nourishing, really. The girls are cackling to get out, but I think they should stay in their hen house again today (unless it settles down later) - they are wet enough as it is, I don't think they should be as bedraggled as the poor magpies sitting on the kitchen windowsill (for rain respite) are. In fact, there are wet doves, pigeons, sparrows, a Pee Wee and two Galahs, all looking mournful outside just now, plus a tonne of Red Heads, who don't appear wet at all. Mayhap they are small enough to effectively 'dodge' the rain drops?! Do chickens catch cold? Ha! You should see their head feathers when they get wet. I'd take a photo, but I'm not going out in the weather just now. Bugger the wind started up today though, not a fan of gusts. I'm determined to be crafty today, so I'll stop procrastinating and go play. Here is the Eurythmics live, cause smelly SonyBMG wouldn't let me embed the original film clip, idiots. I love the very 80's clothing (an backup singers). Annie Lennox is a Goddess, I am sure.

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