Monday, September 1, 2008

Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato...

Spring is here! I do like spring, though I like autumn more, followed closely by winter. I loathe summer. Too hot, sweaty and energy zapping fo me. I started to pull what I thought was a spent sweet potato vine out, disappointed that I didn't get a haul of potatoes I expected - everyone always says they're so easy to grow. Well, what a shock I got! I pulled just over eight pounds/three and three quater kilos of gorgeous orange tubers out from the one area! I think there is at least as much there still. How I want to pull them all out just to see how much there is! But of course, it is more sensible to leave them there until I am done eating this first lot (though I did share some with Mum and Dad, and Nan. They are in a bed with an Iceberg rose, some Rosemary, Fennel, a self sewn tomato and a bunch of strawberries. They must be good bed-fellows. The vine itself was acting like a living mulch, and I only started to clear it because it was looking ratty. I am impressed to say the least, and will always have a vine going now. I need to build up a sweet potato recipe data-base!

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